Unblu 6 (latest)

You can select a single Webfont of your choice to populate both the agent and the visitor sides.

If you want to customize your branding see On Premises UI Customization.

If you are running an On-premises installation and prefer not to connect to external font-provider sites, such as Google Fonts, please contact our support team at

Font Weights

The configured CSS file should supply the configured font family with font styles:

Weight Style



normal & italic



normal & italic



normal & italic

If the defined font-weights are not supported by the configured webfont they can be customized with the configuration properties:





The example shown here uses Google fonts but you can use any service you wish; including hosting them by yourself.

  1. In the Agent Desk select Settings then select Advanced.

    You will need to have the following options selected: Description and Show inherited. (Unless you are a Super Admin you will not see the 'Show Internal' option.)
  2. In the Filter field type the word font and press Enter.

    If the search does not return the two values shown in the picture above then the font customization may either be entirely switched off or it may not be available to your particular role 'level'.
  3. Go to your Webfont service and choose the font you want to use. The font is described by a link to a CSS and by the font name.

  4. Copy the link from the Webfont service (for example;" rel="stylesheet) into the ui.branding.fontFamilyWebfontCssUrl field.

  5. Copy the font name (in this example case: Atomic Age) into the ui.branding.fontFamilyWebfont field.

  6. Click the Save button then refresh the page. The Agent Desk and the associated Named Areas in your Web site will display with the new font.