public class UnbluAgentApi : UnbluCoreApi

The API to use to access unblu suite functionality like showing, opening conversations

Before calling any other function #configureApi should be called inside the AppDelegate.

Use the constants of UnbluEventApi to register for events and access their user info data

A typical flow for the usage would be:

AppDelegate#application() {
   UnbluAgentApi.instance.configureApi(UnbluApiConfiguration(unbluBaseUrl: "<base-url>", apiKey: "<apiKey>"))

   //register for general errors and/or also other events
   NotificationCenter.default.addObserver(self, selector: #selector(AppDelegate.handleErrorEvent(notification:)), name: Notification.Name.UnbluError, object: nil)

   //start the api. This could also be done later when it is needed, but it will take a while until the api is ready
   UnbluAgentApi.instance.initApi(success: {<success handling>}, failure: {<error handling>})
SomeViewController#showConversations() {
   //the conversations should be shown
   UnbluAgentApi.instance.showUi(visible: true)
  • The instance of the UnbluAgentApi



    public static let instance: UnbluAgentApi