Unblu 4.1

unblu 4.1.10 Release Notes

The following new features were added in the release:

  • [UNBLU-4240] (Fixed) - Implement a new dialog (configurable) to be appear instead of "Contact us" for un-answered chat -requests
  • [UNBLU-4337] (Fixed) - Support custom skip element function / javascript code in domcapturing
  • [UNBLU-4321] (Fixed) - HB forward proxy should support excludes
  • [UNBLU-4324] (Fixed) - Allow to disable "generate universal co-browsing PIN" menu

The following Bugs were resolved in the release: 

  • [UNBLU-4260] (Fixed) - Virtual-Mouse on agent side, which represents visitors mouse, is not at correct position
  • [UNBLU-4270] (Fixed) - SVG renders invisible dots visible on co-visitor side for specific site
  • [UNBLU-4275] (Fixed) - Starting a collaboration session within an embedded session loads an empty space instead of launching the start page and the first tab
  • [UNBLU-4304] (Fixed) - Sometimes start Dialog can not be closed. Once user clicks on "X" an exception appears "cannot read property '...' of null"
  • [UNBLU-4313] (Fixed) - Some pages with login logic can no longer be loaded in headless browser
  • [UNBLU-4318] (Fixed) - PDF documents during Co-Browsing cannot be opened
  • [UNBLU-4320] (Fixed) - Unblu chat (Android, iOS): Different session timeouts
  • [UNBLU-4322] (Fixed) - Unblu Icons are missing in visitor browser when using IE11
  • [UNBLU-4325] (Fixed) - Domcap: Player:Navigating from a page with SVG Elements to the next page fails in Chrome (50.0)
  • [UNBLU-4331] (Fixed) - Agent browser freezes under heavy load 
  • [UNBLU-4333] (Fixed) - Performance issue with unblu 4.0.x for extremely large sites (high number or nodes)
  • [UNBLU-4335] (Fixed) - Archived Accounts make unblu execute a db select per snippet request
  • [UNBLU-4341] (Fixed) - Social Browsing: If the page is reloaded on the operator side, the co-browsing session is terminated.
  • [UNBLU-4343] (Fixed) - Initialising a new Co-Browsing session (without reloading the user page) does not work on agent side
  • [UNBLU-4336] (Fixed) - Links from chat are opening in the same tab in visitor's browser