Unblu 4.1

unblu 4.1.03 Release Notes

The following Bugs were resolved in the release:

  • [UNBLU-3891] (Fixed) - Android App: when the user from tries to open a link from the app, nothing happens
  • [UNBLU-3907] (Fixed) - On premise: Resources are not available for agent, but after a reload/navigation the resources are available
  • [UNBLU-4067] (Fixed) - Scrolling, etc does not work on AngularMaterial Sides (DomCap co-browsing)
  • [UNBLU-4117] (Fixed) - Opening a link from chat in headless browser does not bring the headless browser to the front
  • [UNBLU-4159] (Fixed) - Session log output added to analytics in admin app
  • [UNBLU-4163] (Fixed) - Session is terminated when a back button is used on a blacklisted page
  • [UNBLU-4164] (Fixed) - Integrate newest Tokbox 2.7 lib to fix Chrome v50 issues
  • [UNBLU-4165] (Fixed) - With unblu 4 introduction to cloud, old bookmarks to fail - redirect
  • [UNBLU-4168] (Fixed) - Session Social-Browsing invitation via email fails with the error email-invalid
  • [UNBLU-4169] (Fixed) - Starting A Session Social-Browsing fails with the error "Failed to add participant to social browsing session"
  • [UNBLU-4176] (Fixed) - IE11 crash after 2h on visitor side without doing anything - memory issue
  • [UNBLU-4177] (Fixed) - style added into body are not all available to agent, only the first one is there
  • [UNBLU-4178] (Fixed) - Mouse cursor invisible
  • [UNBLU-4181] (Fixed) - Sending request from iOS doesn't appear correctly - wrong language and operating system
  • [UNBLU-4183] (Fixed) - Mouse click visible in LiveView Chat mode
  • [UNBLU-4186] (Fixed) - [Android Chat] Opening link/scrolling issue
  • [UNBLU-4188] (Fixed) - [Android] the input field disappears
  • [UNBLU-4193] (Fixed) - The Virtual select, multi select boxes appear over 2 lines, so the view for visitor and agent are not the same