Unblu 4.1

unblu 4.1.02 Release Notes

The following new features were added in the release:

  • [UNBLU-4105] (Fixed) - remove the "CO-BROWSE" item from AgentTabItem if cobrowsing is disabled, only live-chat use case
  • [UNBLU-4158] (Fixed) - allow modification of resource URLs when resource history is not used

The following Bugs were resolved in the release: 

  • [UNBLU-4114] (Fixed) - Universal: No Message once the maximum number of tabs are open when trying to open another tab
  • [UNBLU-4118] (Fixed) - IE11 / Win8.1: Pressing enter to send chat message unfocuses the input text field
  • [UNBLU-4121] (Fixed) - PIN is displayed in red instead of orange after a previous pin has expired
  • [UNBLU-4127] (Fixed) - SessionLog: Wrong ParticipationType + to many entries participations (Chat-Starter)
  • [UNBLU-4128] (Fixed) - SessionLog: No Windows + PageImpressions entries on Headless-Sessions
  • [UNBLU-4133] (Fixed) - Using com.unblu.recorder.idleTimeout as of unblu 4 causes "no data" to be submitted
  • [UNBLU-4134] (Fixed) - cannot terminate session if agent *exists* and it is leaving the session active