Unblu 4.1

unblu 4.1.00 Release Notes

The following new features were added in the release: 

[UNBLU-2411] (Fixed) - Collaboration Space in Embedded Co-Browsing Session
[UNBLU-3625] (Fixed) - Embedded document viewer for Embedded Co-Browsing
[UNBLU-3661] (Fixed) - Setup and Configuration for the unblu rendering appliance
[UNBLU-3755] (Fixed) - Voice and Video Chat
[UNBLU-3856] (Fixed) - Agent Terminate Session, remove the first confirmation dialog, and show the last dialog terminate/exit
[UNBLU-3860] (Fixed) - Configuratino of a forward proxy in universal co-browsing
[UNBLU-3938] (Fixed) - Account / Team activitiy tracking
[UNBLU-4072] (Fixed) - Make "ConnectionLost" events accessible via JSAPI

The following Improvements were made in the release: 
[UNBLU-3788] (Fixed) - HeadlessBrowser on VA: Show all the possible errors on startup back to the Server-Log
[UNBLU-3883] (Fixed) - Scan Uploaded File for MimeType if MimeType is not on our supported list.
[UNBLU-3929] (Fixed) - Util to compare Domain Name // URLs that can handle punycoded domains
[UNBLU-4056] (Fixed) - Color Theming for 41x
[UNBLU-4059] (Fixed) - Configurable chat window size

The following Bugs were resolved in the release: 

[UNBLU-3415] (Fixed) - Airlockicap does not work on Jboss
[UNBLU-3789] (Fixed) - com.unblu.cobrowsing.visitorNameSource has no effect in 4.0.x
[UNBLU-3814] (Fixed) - Universal Co-Browsing -> Chat Queue, customer's IP is not visible or partially visible depends on domain length
[UNBLU-3818] (Fixed) - Submit button name isn't displayed on agent side 4.0
[UNBLU-3819] (Fixed) - On-Premise -> unblu 4.0 Agent Desk return 404 for /co-unblu/
[UNBLU-3827] (Fixed) - Session is terminated when the agent or client tries to download files multiple times
[UNBLU-3830] (Fixed) - SSO does not start up with Tomcat7/JDK7
[UNBLU-3832] (Fixed) - unbluSrcReplacement not working smoothly in IE<11
[UNBLU-3833] (Fixed) - Pasted text doesn't replace "Your name" / "PIN"
[UNBLU-3835] (Fixed) - Multiple clicks on a queue item opens multiple sessions of the same request
[UNBLU-3837] (Fixed) - Support comet between universal co-browsing and unblu server
[UNBLU-3838] (Fixed) - Resources on visitor side are not visible IE 11 [4.0]
[UNBLU-3839] (Fixed) - Certificate error when navigating to subdomains of some clients
[UNBLU-3842] (Fixed) - No sound alert on incoming chat request in IE
[UNBLU-3850] (Fixed) - Rest API to start and terminate a session return 400 and "invalid action" response body
[UNBLU-3851] (Fixed) - adding security.filterurl to configuration causes the agent desk to be only a grey screen
[UNBLU-3852] (Fixed) - Video Integration: Un-supported browsers trigger never ending spinning wheel within chat / introduce error handling and plugin download for IE
[UNBLU-3857] (Fixed) - CORS does not properly work with punycode domains as origin in Internet Explorer
[UNBLU-3858] (Fixed) - uploading of pdf documents in Firefox universal co-browsing fails mime type extraction
[UNBLU-3862] (Fixed) - Private browsing is causing the headless browser to be unavailable
[UNBLU-3863] (Fixed) - Name is not displayed when agent/visitor is requesting for private co-browsing
[UNBLU-3888] (Fixed) - Consolidated Session End Dialog confusing
[UNBLU-3890] (Fixed) - Android App: When you click on re-connect, a blank page is opened
[UNBLU-3899] (Fixed) - Unblu Server Deployed on JBoss and with Active ICAP does not start
[UNBLU-3902] (Fixed) - on-premise setup + resource history: Resource From unblu public path "/unblu" are treated as missing resources
[UNBLU-3903] (Fixed) - not all resources are available for co-visitor, probably the resources are not in visual
[UNBLU-3913] (Fixed) - FF as client and agent on IDN domain cannot load resources
[UNBLU-3981] (Fixed) - showSecurityCodeDialog/showStartSessionDialog onOK callback is called instead of onCancel
[UNBLU-3989] (Fixed) - Cors via cdn must use * (wildcard) allow origin header
[UNBLU-4020] (Fixed) - session fails to established successfully when starting a second session on the same page
[UNBLU-4037] (Fixed) - Admin App Configuration Service is missing properties
[UNBLU-4038] (Fixed) - Social browsing session terminates
[UNBLU-4044] (Fixed) - JS exception in browser console when using unblu 4
[UNBLU-4049] (Fixed) - Agent API: AgentSession Terminate/Abort events not firing
[UNBLU-4054] (Fixed) - Fix session logging to include all information from chat history / fix eventually existing inconsistencies
[UNBLU-4055] (Fixed) - Improve session end dialog (make terminate the default action)
[UNBLU-4075] (Fixed) - unblu 4.1 mouse pointer of the agent is in the wrong place after scrolling
[UNBLU-4081] (Fixed) - ConcurrentModificationException in SessionLogger
[UNBLU-4091] (Fixed) - Social browsing invitation link returns 404 when unblu is not deployed as ROOT
[UNBLU-4106] (Fixed) - StringSet.entrySet.iterator.remove does not work (client)
[UNBLU-4111] (Fixed) - Agent cannot see the field for typing messages
[UNBLU-4112] (Fixed) - Language and Capacity not displayed correctly in AvailabilityMonitor