Unblu 4.1

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Integration Overview

1. Introduction

With unblu, users do not need to download and launch executable files, install browser plugins or use java applets to use co-browsing. Instead, the unblu co-browsing functionality is delivered by the website in the form of javascript. There is a number of different approaches on how to integrate that javascript into an existing website. This document explains the available choices.

2. Ways of integration

2.1. Using the unblu cloud deployment option

Fig 1. Unblu cloud deployment overview

Please see the product comparison chart and check the deployment options for the various products. All products with deployment option "cloud" result in an integration setup as shown in figure 1. This integration requires you to integrate a javascript snippet to the web pages of your website. The document Integrating unblu in your Website explains, how exactly the unblu javascript snippet needs to be integrated in your website. The following sections explain, into which web pages the snippet must be integrated.

2.1.1. unblu business line used with cloud deployment

When using products from the unblu business line, the unblu snippet must be placed in those pages, where you want visitors to start co-browsing or where you'd like to use the unblu JSAPI. Depending on your use case, it may be useful to have a single page equipped with the unblu snippet (i.e.

3. When to do integration directly in the website

The following points outline, when the unblu cloud service offering should be your integration of choice:

  • little integration costs, quick start
  • business line product must be used for some reason (currently only available as cloud service)
  • you do not want to care about hosting or operation and their costs (all included in the cloud service offering)
  • your website does not have session images or other dynamic resources that should be co-browsed
  • when simple document co-browsing is required (available via business line cloud offering to date)
  • when your infrastructure does not comply to the requirements for an on premise installation

4. When to do an on premise installation

The following list provides major decision points about when to install unblu on premise:

  • When your company has strict requirements regarding data privacy. I.e. all or parts of your website data must not be accessed outside your country
  • Your website has dynamic resources, which are generated for or only valid within a specific user session
  • When



EXPLAIN TYPE OF SNIPPETS AVAILABLE (e.g. pure snippet, button, possibly explain how to do activation elements etc.)

5. Integration effort estimation

6. Data privacy protection

7. Limitations

8. Recommendations