Unblu 4.1

CSS Microsoft Internet Explorer Filter Attribute Limitations

1. Overview

This section indicates the current state of support of Microsoft Internet Explorer CSS filter function style attributes like:

* {

Filter Is Deprecated

Since such filters contradict the standard CSS syntax in a number of ways, supporting such constructs is difficult. Since Microsoft itself has decided in favour of standard CSS attributes as a replacement for its filters, our support is deprecated and will vanish in a future unblu version.


1.1. Known Internet Explorer filters

Filter name Support status
Alpha (tick)


blur (tick)
gradient (tick)
chroma (tick)
dropshadow (tick)
emboss (tick)
engrave (tick)
glow (tick)
light (tick)
maskfilter (tick)
motionblur (tick)
shadow (tick)
wave (tick)
xray (tick)


Filters not listed above are not supported. Most of them for security reasons.