Unblu 4.1

Internal Documentation

This document may change at any time without prior notice.
Changes may break backwards compatibility.
Do not rely on it!

Configuring the Standard Visitor User Interface

1. The "Live Support" Tab

unblu displays a tab that allows users to initiate co-browsing. Clicking the tab opens the connection dialog that, depending on configuration, shows a selection of services. The tab can be configured as described in Unblu Server Configuration Reference.

# Example for fixed position, on the left border, 100 pixels from the top showing the text "Live Support" only

2. Start Session Dialog

These settings change the text on the connection screen. Please not that with the current release, an additional field for the visitor's name has been introduced. You can set the following string values: 

1. tokendialog.title
2. tokendialog.message
3. tokendialog.phonenumber0
4. tokendialog.okbuttonlabel
5. tokendialog.cancelbuttonlabel


3. Invalid Security Number Dialog

If the user types a wrong security number, unblu displays the message above. You can set your own message with the following string setting: 



4. Expired Security PIN Dialog

You can set the message for an expired security number with the following string setting:



5. End a Co-Browsing Session Dialog 

When a user tries to end a co-browsing session, unblu displays a confirmation dialog, for which you can set the following string properties:

1. terminatesessiondialog.title
2. terminatesessiondialog.text
3. terminatesessiondialog.cancelbuttonlabel
4. terminatesessiondialog.okbuttonlabel

6. Terminated Co-Browsing Session Dialog

When co-browsing is terminated, unblu displays the above dialog, for which you can specify the following string properties: 

2. server.collaborationsession.sessionterminated