unblu 4.1.07 Release Notes

The following Bugs were resolved in the release: 

  • [UNBLU-4217] (Fixed) - API Call Start-Session onSuccess is faster than set-cookie header, if you have a redirect inside the onSuccess on next page there is no cookie
  • [UNBLU-4236] (Fixed) - Document co-browsing no longer works in 4.1.6 cloud
  • [UNBLU-4237] (Fixed) - Start with chat for headless accounts renders empty collaboration workspace as soon as chat is started
  • [UNBLU-4244] (Fixed) - com.unblu.cobrowsing.scrollLockButton doesn't work
  • [UNBLU-4282] (Fixed) - Domready handling for URL instruction causes potential race condition when more than one player are used in the same window
  • [UNBLU-4229] (Fixed) - the Path "/co-unblu/" includes resources coming from "/unblu/", which causes the resources missing in a on premise setup

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