unblu 3.5.14 Release Notes

The following Bugs were resolved in the release:

  • [UNBLU-3733] (Fixed) - Embedded CB loads navigation history as "page list" (next to terminate button)
  • [UNBLU-3814] (Fixed) - Universal CB -> Chat Queue, customer's IP is not visible or partially visible depends on domain length
  • [UNBLU-3827] (Fixed) - Session is terminated when the agent or client tries to download files multiple times.
  • [UNBLU-3832] (Fixed) - unbluSrcReplacement not working fine in IE<11
  • [UNBLU-3854] (Fixed) - undefined CSS Rule (line-height) causes the style of the text/label in start-session-dialog to be oweritten in IE11/IE10
  • [UNBLU-3858] (Fixed) - uploading of pdf documents in Firefox universal co-browsing fails mime type extraction
  • [UNBLU-3896] (Fixed) - WorkerGroupRetryService#verifyWorker always fails due to missing request context

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