unblu 3.5.08 Release Notes

The following new features were added in the release:

  • [UNBLU-3561] (Fixed) - Extend unblus Finnova EDBS interface and make stored user data available
  • [UNBLU-3565] (Fixed) - Updated SSL Configuration

The following Bugs were resolved in the release

  • [UNBLU-3499] (Fixed) - Update the Useragent version in Universal CB
  • [UNBLU-3506] (Fixed) - Universal CB Scrolling does not work over certain field elements
  • [UNBLU-3507] (Fixed) - Universal CB renders white page output where there should be content
  • [UNBLU-3529] (Fixed) - Universal CB -> Chat-ToolBar is partially under the scroll-bar of the window
  • [UNBLU-3553] (Fixed) - Resolved macro settings do not appear in client configuration
  • [UNBLU-3559] (Fixed) - Airlockicap throws errors on Jboss even when not used
  • [UNBLU-3563] (Fixed) - Universal CB-> Chat-Window Style inherits some styles from the target webpage, this causes the chat UI to be compromised
  • [UNBLU-3564] (Fixed) - Page impressions missing from session log 3.4.x
  • [UNBLU-3572] (Fixed) - 3.5.7 on-premise version is not recording session logs
  • [UNBLU-3604] (Fixed) - Univeral CB-> Chat, agent displayname is changed from "First Last name" to "Co-Visitor", if agent relaods the agent desk

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