unblu 3.5.03 Release Notes

The following new features were added in the release:

  • [UNBLU-2951] (Fixed) - creatorAdditionalInfo is missing from session statistics (db and log)
  • [UNBLU-3032] (Fixed) - Eliminate bundle resolution error log entires at startup
  • [UNBLU-3054] (Fixed) - Support servlet contexts other than ROOT
  • [UNBLU-3301] (Fixed) - Universal CB opens an empty tab when a document is loaded into the document viewer
  • [UNBLU-3465] (Fixed) - Improve co-editing by firing "change" event on visitor side when input field changes arrive
  • [UNBLU-3466] (Fixed) - Display inline text editor on agent side also for html5 input fields like "tel", "number" etc.
  • [UNBLU-3331] (Fixed) - Univeral CB-> Implement back session migration with some minimum features
  • [UNBLU-3412] (Fixed) - Embedded CB-> on premise -> support co-browsing on sub-domain for multiple second level domain
  • [UNBLU-3447] (Fixed) - Disable Co-Browsing by configuration

The following Bugs were resolved in the release:

  • [UNBLU-3057] (Fixed) - sometimes authentication session data is fetched twice from a single request context (also touch is executed twice)
  • [UNBLU-3361] (Fixed) - Universal Browser freezes and becomes unresponsive
  • [UNBLU-3368] (Fixed) - JSAPI onOk and onCancel never called
  • [UNBLU-3375] (Fixed) - make sure logging macros (LOG_DEBUG...) and logging methods in generated shadow classes provide the same functions
  • [UNBLU-3377] (Fixed) - Headless Browser Umlaut Issue
  • [UNBLU-3409] (Fixed) - com.unblu.chat.welcomeMessageEnabled property not public
  • [UNBLU-3425] (Fixed) - orange (agent) mouse freeze during domcap session
  • [UNBLU-3426] (Fixed) - grey screen with domcap, Internet Explorer and iframes
  • [UNBLU-3431] (Fixed) - PIN generation fails in a static user social browsing enabled install
  • [UNBLU-3432] (Fixed) - DOMCAP -LiveChat -> Agent is logged into system and is having a chat with client, but the agent is not available as long as the Queue Tab is not active
  • [UNBLU-3434] (Fixed) - DOMCAP -LiveChat -> when agent is having multiple chat and close one session by clicking the "X terminate Co-Browsign" all other chat terminates as well.
  • [UNBLU-3435] (Fixed) - Add session id to the session log (in database and file output)
  • [UNBLU-3436] (Fixed) - username evaluation order is bypassed in socialbrowsing when a nick is given
  • [UNBLU-3437] (Fixed) - [domcap] recorder sometimes struggles in IE for x-origin iframes
  • [UNBLU-3439] (Fixed) - Drop-down on agent side stuck when visitor changes page
  • [UNBLU-3443] (Fixed) - BlockedContentView -> the message displayed to the agent should be configurable and not hardcode
  • [UNBLU-3449] (Fixed) - HB: Links are generating HTML source output in chat
  • [UNBLU-3453] (Fixed) - AjaxRequest calls "fireOnerrorEvent" twice in certain conditions
  • [UNBLU-3454] (Fixed) - ClientChannel retries to reconnect indefinitely
  • [UNBLU-3467] (Fixed) - Universal CB: Links are generating HTML source output in chat - Implement proper fix (i.e. Typed message parts)
  • [UNBLU-3470] (Fixed) - Validate redirect targets (i.e. languageServlet, authenticatorService)
  • [UNBLU-3475] (Fixed) - co-editing on input fields not working on IE

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