Initial Tab Position

From version 4.3 you can define the initial position of the session tab on the page.

Note: By 'grabbing' the left edge of the tab you can move it anywhere on the page during the session.

To set the initial position of the session tab:

  1. Go to Settings (at the level from which you want this setting to cascade down through roles) and enter the word 'position' into the Filter box. The System Appearance settings display.

  2. Use the tabPositionHorizontal com.unblu.ui.interactiontab.tabPositionHorizontal drop-down list to select Right or Left and use the tabPositionVertical com.unblu.ui.interactiontab.tabPositionVertical to set whether the tab displays initially at the Top or Bottom of the page.

  3. Click Save and you are done.

If you want to move the session tab during a session, see Moving the Chat Session Dialog.

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