Global - Super Admin Only

The Agent Desk is designed to be self-documenting. This means that hovering over any configuration or text values produces either a plain language description or, in Advanced mode (by clicking the Advanced button), a more technical description.

Super Admins can still use configuration files or a command line to make changes but the Global page makes it much easier to make changes on-the-fly.

Note: There is more information on how to set configuration items here: Settings and here: Configuration Advice and here: Configuration.

Global is the place where the Super Admin lives. No other role should get near this page as it contains every configuration available to the account. Also be aware that although the number of configuration items can seem overwhelming you will probably only have to change a small number of items to effect significant changes in behavior. Bear in mind that changes in the behavior of the system will affect the behavior of Agents, in terms of how they can interact with their visitor clients.

Note: In the Options filter at the top of the Global page you can select Technical Labels if you want to match these configuration values with the values in your file.

Below are the main general classifications of the configuration possibilities. These are exposed at the Admin level. We suggest that you work through these one-by-one until you get a feel for how these settings affect, or might affect, your process design.

Agent Desktop Settings

Chat Settings

Embedded Co-Browsing Settings

General Settings

Language settings

System Appearance Settings

Universal Co-browsing Settings

From the main menu select Settings > Account (or any other level) > Settings. The topics above, and their associated configuration values, can be viewed on the screen by scrolling.

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