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This page contains the unblu release notes. The release notes are broken down in sections to allow for easier consumption. Release notes are additive, which means that to cover all improvements between two defined release states, all individual release notes have to be considered.

Unblu 5.1.5 Release Notes


[UNBLU-7089] - Avatar - When the person is initially created (user login) the avatar is not copied from User to Person. [UNBLU-7098] - Avatar - update of an avatar is not reflected everywhere [UNBLU-7476] - Supervisors can not display the users grouped by role [UNBLU-7631] - Universal: "mailto" not working (Error 302) [UNBLU-7677] - API - 500 error thrown when creating a Webhook without a name (or name = null) [UNBLU-7678] - API - 200 response when creating a Webhook with empty name [UNBLU-7700] - With "uriTransformTarget" set to proxy resources can not be loaded [UNBLU-7766] - Select box drop-downs can't be scrolled on overflow [UNBLU-7777] - Misspelled configuration scope [UNBLU-7779] - Safari cookie confirmation missing [UNBLU-7795] - Config dependencies for CoBrowsingFeatures and VisitorUiConfiguration [UNBLU-7805] - Wrong Avatar on Audio-Call (with Concierge) [UNBLU-7806] - Queue + Inbox: Latest-Message (fileupload) not correct (visitor-id instead of name) [UNBLU-7814] - Logged-in visitor see's the anonymous conversations (instead the Logged-in user conversations) [UNBLU-7818] - Whitespace in path breaks embedded co-browsing [UNBLU-7819] - Threads are created but not removed [UNBLU-7821] - Error in new ConversationTemplate editor when no engagementTypes are available [UNBLU-7824] - markerColor can be set on other entities than account [UNBLU-7826] - Mail Configuration (including passwords) only visible for super-admin

New Feature / Improvement

  • [UNBLU-5974] - Integration Testing Infrastructure
  • [UNBLU-5975] - Minimal Integration Testing Coverage
  • [UNBLU-6356] - New Agent Messaging UI
  • [UNBLU-7077] - Update documentation for mobile SDKs

Unblu 5.1.4 Release Notes


  • [UNBLU-6394] - Notifications in embedded cobrowing session are not shown up.
  • [UNBLU-7422] - Sometimes embedded co-browsing stops
  • [UNBLU-7583] - iOS Mobile SDK - Co-bwosing session is not picked up after unblocking the screen
  • [UNBLU-7662] - UnbluSnippetProvider: Delivers a wrong snippet (if not LEGACY)
  • [UNBLU-7691] - Inbox freezes
  • [UNBLU-7732] - Onboarding text is cleared in UI but still present in database, but then can't be changed in the UI.
  • [UNBLU-7735] - JS-API: startConversation visitorName parameter issue
  • [UNBLU-7736] - Unblu Chat Window system messages language issue
  • [UNBLU-7746] - Reconnect for Mobile Cobrowsing
  • [UNBLU-7750] - Configuration editor: display name evaluation order selectors are wrong
  • [UNBLU-7756] - Web-API: conversationhistory/findAllBy "startTimestamp" dos not restrict result
  • [UNBLU-7759] - TrackingItem.toString causes NullPointerException
  • [UNBLU-7763] - Handle gzip compression in Kubernetes cluster setup
  • [UNBLU-7767] - JS-API: Start-Chat conversation crashes with NullPointerException
  • [UNBLU-7770] - Conversation Template - Text settings not available to Admin
  • [UNBLU-7771] - Concierge set recipient must not display archived entity
  • [UNBLU-7775] - Running multiple collab server instances in a cluster disables auth
  • [UNBLU-7776] - Android, upload on some devices does not work
  • [UNBLU-7781] - Incoming Voice Call concierge not showing team selection


  • [UNBLU-7760] - Change log level to severity in JSON log format

Unblu 5.1.3 Release Notes


  • [UNBLU-6679] - Radio-button group and keyboard selection
  • [UNBLU-7032] - HAProxy fails
  • [UNBLU-7330] - Research Cluster Issue: Collab Server Startup ZK connection
  • [UNBLU-7346] - IE-11: Click Animation are not animated in visitor browser
  • [UNBLU-7675] - Reconnect for Embedded and Mobile Cobrowsing
  • [UNBLU-7692] - Document Cobrowsing: document keeps uploading every 30 seconds
  • [UNBLU-7711] - Unblu bubble looks "vertically stretched"
  • [UNBLU-7715] - Co-browsing in Edge on SGKB site is covered by white curtain-like thing on agent side

New Feature / Improvement

  • [UNBLU-7416] - Support no-delete mode in LDAP sync
  • [UNBLU-7457] - create dynamic coturn server static-auth-secret for k8s deployments
  • [UNBLU-7459] - safety check before using "" scripts in k8s/os deployments
  • [UNBLU-7480] - reconfigure internal k8s service endpoint dns configs
  • [UNBLU-7563] - Ghost should be able to invite himself to a conversation he can see
  • [UNBLU-7673] - Web API: add a create bot operation in persons service
  • [UNBLU-7734] - Web API: conversation history does not provide conversation content
  • [UNBLU-7739] - Web API: Changes to ConversationHistory Service

Unblu 5.1.2 Release Notes


  • [UNBLU-7326] - Agent Desk indefinitely retries RPC Requests that fail.
  • [UNBLU-7358] - Pressing down arrow key at the beginning of a long message triggers canned responses
  • [UNBLU-7497] - Pressing arrow up/down after populating canned response message ends up an a stuck state
  • [UNBLU-7549] - Web API - Wrong error for removing a participant with an invalid reason
  • [UNBLU-7568] - iOS SDK - Focus doesn't change when getting an incoming call
  • [UNBLU-7597] - 5.x: Headless browser is able to navigate to cluster internal resources
  • [UNBLU-7617] - iOS Loudspeaker can not be turned off (iPad)
  • [UNBLU-7655] - No error message invalid api key
  • [UNBLU-7665] - iOS App: Download files only possible when icon has not the focus
  • [UNBLU-7668] - Fix contexts in conversation & collaboration session tests
  • [UNBLU-7669] - With API /rest/v2/persons/createOrUpdateVirtual it is possible to create person having a team in an other account
  • [UNBLU-7670] - Long words not properly handled in chat view
  • [UNBLU-7682] - Text properties are not copied from conversation template to conversation
  • [UNBLU-7693] - Eliminate NaturalBoundsJsLayout
  • [UNBLU-7695] - When creating an email invitation there is no option to set it, but email starts with "$inviteeName"
  • [UNBLU-7698] - Migration of conversation_state (5.0.x to 5.1.x) is wrong
  • [UNBLU-7705] - Agent Desk does not load inside an iFrame
  • [UNBLU-7708] - iOS using earpiece speaker initially fails sometimes
  • [UNBLU-7709] - Agent Desk Conversation UI - Top not visible if screen is too small
  • [UNBLU-7713] - unblu 5.1 The new Script injected by filter/SFM sets "prefix + '/visitor.js' " as a precondition
  • [UNBLU-7716] - API conversationHistory/findAllBy: change return status when startTimestamp or endTimestamp are missing

New Feature / Improvement

  • [UNBLU-7696] - Create configuration property to set the conversation window to full screen by default
  • [UNBLU-7702] - REST API to get ratings
  • [UNBLU-5114] - Create "color" configuration property type.
  • [UNBLU-6590] - Update the definition of supported browsers

Unblu 5.1.1 Release Notes


  • [UNBLU-7264] - Mobile SDk - Triggering an audio call for an invalid conversation blocks the app
  • [UNBLU-7594] - Protocol notification wrong: "The approval has been decline."
  • [UNBLU-7641] - Disconnect after "leave conversation" on Visitordesk while "Waiting for rating"
  • [UNBLU-7646] - Conversation-Latest Message (after userChange) not correct (agent + Visitor-side)
  • [UNBLU-7647] - Unread messages issues when conversation created via API and messages exchanged before both person joins
  • [UNBLU-7650] - Conversation Sessions do not time-out
  • [UNBLU-7653] - Visitor overview navigation after conversation error doesn't work
  • [UNBLU-7656] - Fixed case where broken HTML breaks embedded co-browsing
  • [UNBLU-7657] - Last message visible for inactive participant
  • [UNBLU-7658] - Message states; read,deliver do not set for inactive users
  • [UNBLU-7659] - Chat invitation context person dependent
  • [UNBLU-7663] - OffBoarding not working when "end" conversation via Web-API
  • [UNBLU-7667] - DatabaseException: ORA-00972: identifier is too long (offboarding_finished_time)

New Feature / Improvement

  • [UNBLU-7660] - Fast onboarding
  • [UNBLU-7466] - Upgrade the JDBC-Drivers to the newest versions
  • [UNBLU-7612] - Cancel open concierge questions

New features with Unblu 5

For all new features introduced with Unblu 5 (first public version is 5.1.0), see the list of new features

  • deploycloud
  • deployonprem

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