What is new with Unblu 5

Feature Information
New release policy Unblu 5 is following semantic versioning (see release policy)
Visitor User Interface The Visitor user interface is much more than it seems. See Visitor-Centric versus Agent-Centric and The Visitor's Place for the full story.
Inbox & Asynchronous Messaging The new unblu Inbox enables offline (or 'step-time') communications and Asynchronous Messaging.
Conversations conversation-configuration Conversation strategy conversation-histories
Concierge The concierge is a bot participant to handle on- and off-boarding
Conversation History Conversation history is the place where past conversation can be found
Rendering Service The rendering service used for universal and document co-browsing was rewritten for better experience
Web API / WebHooks OpenAPI specification, API versioning, Benefits of using the OpenAPI, WebHooks were updated to handle conversations
JS API New Javscript API
Mobile SDKs SDKs were split into agent and visitor SDKs for Android and iOS
Clustering with Openshift or Kubernetes Kubernetes is the recommended way to install Unblu 5
SecureFlow Manager Using the unblu filter to secure the flow.
New Licensing Scheme Easier initialization and management

Visitor-Centric versus Agent-Centric

  • deploycloud
  • deployonprem

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