New Features for Release 4.3

Feature Information
Named Areas Named Areas use tags to create 'quasi domains'.
Webhooks Webhooks Configuration & Webhooks Technical Detail improve efficiency and allow you to get information only when you need it.
Mark Mode Mark Mode uses pulsating markers to highlight information on the page.
Video Chat Video Chat Setup shows you how to configure video recording, archiving and snapshots.
Video Popout The Video Popout feature improves usability and streaming.
Session Forwarding Improvements Session Forwarding has improved usability, with easier access to agents and teams and the ability to invite agents or guests into running sessions.
Visitor Desk The Visitor Desk offers a new way to participate in sessions.
Android / iOS App Co-browsing The Mobile User Guide and Mobile SDK show you how to integrate your own mobile apps into unblu.
Last Visitor in Session The Last Visitor in Session functionality triggers Isolated Mode and improves the 'loose ends' that can occur at the end of a session or when someone leaves a session.
Automatic Agent Unavailability Automatic Agent Unavailability uses an Agent Watcher to handle situations where the agent becomes unable to participate in the session.
Rejoin Open Sessions Agents can Rejoin Open Sessions which they left.
Importing and Exporting Configurations Importing and Exporting Configuration Settings lets you export and import configuration settings according to owner type.
Session Tab Initial Position Session Tab Initial Position lets you define the position of the offline flap on your web pages.
Close Sockets unblu automatically closes all open sockets once a session ends. This is supported on the visitor and the agent side.
View Only Mode for Universal View-Only Mode for Universal allows you to specify if you wish a specific party (Visitor or Agent) to have 'sole' control during Universal Co-browsing sessions.
File explorer based upload feature The Upload and Co-browse Files feature lets you upload directly from your file manager.
Switch Between Collaboration Layers Switch Between Collaboration Layers
Authentication Initialization Secure procedure to generate initial Superadmin password.
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