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unblu provides an SDK for your visitors’ and agents’ mobile applications; available for both iOS and Android. When a unblu mobile SDK is integrated into an app, the app can be co-browsed together with the agent desk. The features of the mobile SDKs and the integration of an SDK into an app are described here.

Note: If you need instructions on how agents deal with visitors/agent using mobile see the Mobile Agent User Guide.

System Requirements

See: Mobile SDK Requirements.


The following features can be used when interacting with the SDKs:

  • Dynamically de-/initialize the API
  • Check if a connection to the unblu collaboration server could be established
  • Start a chat conversation
  • Start a mobile co-browsing conversation
  • Start an audio/video call
  • Adding/Removing private views, which should not be displayed to the agent/visitor (e.g., password fields)
  • Add/update custom cookies which are sent with each request to the unblu server
  • In app events for API state, session state, notifications (e.g., agent/visitor joint messages, chat messages), errors (More details can be found in the code documentation which is provided together with the SDK for each platform.)
  • Push notifications about unread messages and incoming calls

For the visitor SDK there are additionally the following features:

The following features are automatically available in co-browsing sessions:

  • Co-browsing all content of the app
  • Interactions of the user with the device screen can be seen remotely
  • Orientation changes are displayed on the agent side
  • Lock screen displayed on agent desk, if the visitor puts the app into the background.
  • Areas of the app can be marked remotely
  • Chat between visitor and agent inclusive UI
  • Start an audio/video call

Configuration on the Collaboration Server

The following configuration properties are important for the mobile SDKs.

Configuration Property Description
messenger.mobileVisitorSdkEnabled Whether or not the visitor mobile SDK is enabled. This must be enabled so that the visitor SDK on a mobile device can initialize. Otherwise it is not usable at all.
messenger.mobileAgentSdkEnabled Whether or not the agent mobile SDK is enabled. This must be enabled so that the agent SDK on a mobile device can initialize. Otherwise it is not usable at all.
messenger.mobileCoBrowsingEnabled Whether or not the mobile co-browsing with the SDKs is enabled. If it is not enabled, the SDKs can still be used for chat or call conversations.
conversation.feature.mobileCoBrowsingEnabled Same as messenger.mobileCoBrowsingEnabled but on conversation level. This can be configured differently for each conversation and conversation templates.
cobrowsing.startWithMobileCobrowsingOptionEnabled Enables the possibility to start a mobile co-browsing conversation. Such a conversation directly starts the mobile co-browsing when the conversation is accepted in the queue.
visitor.ui.showRequestMobileCobrowsingEngagementOption When the unblu UI is displayed in the app, the UI offers the possibility to start a mobile co-browsing conversation.


For the iOS integration please go to Mobile SDK iOS Integration.

For the Android integration please go to Mobile SDK Android Integration.

Mobile Push Notifications

The following configuration properties need to be set to be able to send/receive mobile push notifications from the unblu collaboration server via firebase cloud messaging to the mobile devices.

Configuration Property Description
mobile.push_notification.enablePushNotification Enables in general notifications. Currently there are email and mobile push notifications.
mobile.push_notification.enableFirebasePushNotification Enables push notifications via firebase cloud messaging.
mobile.push_notification.firebaseDatabaseName The name of the firebase database where the app is configured for firebase cloud messaging.
mobile.push_notification.firebaseServiceAccountKey The account key to allow the unblu server to access firebase cloud messaging.

For more information about firebase cloud messaging, please look at the official documentation found here.

  • deploycloud
  • deployonprem

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