Server Diagnostics Package


In order for unblu to provide swift assistance, our server is capable of providing a diagnostics package as a zip download.

This zip gathers valuable information from various internal sources that help Unblu to quickly diagnose a wide variety of issues without having to request a multitude of single files or configuration settings from your system administrators.

unblu support may request that your system administrator acquire the diagnostics package for them.

Access / Download

The diagnostics package is available for download at{UNBLU_SERVER_URL}/sys-unblu/diagnosticsDownload. By navigating to this URL a file save prompt should be triggered which prompts you to save a zip file (, which then needs be forwarded to unblu.

Access to the server's /sys-unblu/ path is restricted to users with elevated privileges.

Contents of the Package

The contains the following information:

  • JavaSystemProperties.txt: A text file containing all Java configuration properties. For instance, entries such as 'java.vm.vendor': Oracle Corporation.
  • LocalizedTexts.txt: Contains a listing of all available texts and translations available on the Unblu Server.
  • SystemInformation.txt: Contains information about the system state, such as available memory, to the Java Virtual Machine, as well as Unblu-specific system information such as installed products, their versions, etc.
  • logs/ : The logs directory contains different log files created from various Unblu products at runtime.

Note: In order to keep the file size of the diagnostics package manageable, not all log information may be included. The collaboration server, by default, includes the newest log files up to a combined, compressed file size of 5 MB per log file type (such as regular logs, fatal logs and session logs).

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