CSS Microsoft Internet Explorer Filter Attribute Limitations

This section indicates the current state of support of Microsoft Internet Explorer CSS filter function style attributes like:


Note: This filter Is Deprecated. Since such filters contradict the standard CSS syntax in a number of ways, supporting such constructs is difficult. Since Microsoft itself has decided in favour of standard CSS attributes as a replacement for its filters, our support is deprecated and will vanish in a future unblu version.

Filter Name Support Status
Alpha Green_Tick
AlphaImageLoader Green_Tick
blur Green_Tick
gradient Green_Tick
chroma Green_Tick
dropshadow Green_Tick
emboss Green_Tick
engrave Green_Tick
glow Green_Tick
light Green_Tick
maskfilter Green_Tick
motionblur Green_Tick
shadow Green_Tick
wave Green_Tick
xray Green_Tick

Filters not listed above are not supported. (Most of them for security reasons.)

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