Customizing Cloud or On-Premises

You can customize many aspects of the way that the unblu system behaves. The way customization is achieved can be very different for Cloud versus On-premises integrations but the Settings in the Agent Desk are virtually identical in both Cloud and On-premises.

For all cloud accounts this is done using the Settings in the admin application. Outside of immutable values, On-premises accounts can also use the Settings in the Agent Desk to perform customization. If you want to configure your Cloud Admin Application see Configure Cloud Admin Application.

For on-premises implementations the specific configuration of the system is done via configuration properties using Customization with JSAPI. This section provides an overview on how to customize your unblu instance.

For on-premises implementations you can customize your branding. See On Premises UI Customization and Using Custom Webfonts.

If you require a customization for cloud accounts for which you do not find an appropriate setting dialog in the Admin Application, contact as we have the ability to help out with specific master admin settings in some instances.

  • deploycloud
  • deployonprem

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