Get inspired and let our clients tell their story on how unblu supports their business....


WIFO is one of the leading insurance brokers in Germany. With innovative online services, WIFO brokers outperform their peers. And thanks to unblu, brokers from all across the country receive the best possible guidance from headquarters - with live chat and co-browsing from unblu. 


comdirect is the leading direct bank in Germany. To further improve customer service, comdirect now offers all customers the option to walk through all aspects of the online bank together with a customer service rep. This creates the perfect combination of round the clock availability and personal service. 

AZ Direct

AZ Direct provides tailor made direct marketing solutions to its clients. Thanks to unblu, customers can now be assissted by AZ Direct staff when selecting their address lists in the AZ Direct online shop.


Have you ever wondered what the best health insurance is for you? Helsana now makes this process simple - by helping clients & prospects online through their web portal. Not only can the agent talk you through the offering, by being in the same browser session, the client can follow along as if both were sitting around the same table. 

Swiss Post

Swiss Post is the postal service of Switzerland. With innovative online services such as Webstamp and Promopost, Swiss Post expanded their business into the digital world. Thanks to unblu, a customer service agent is helping clients through any question in the online order process - and all of that without any queuing at the counter. 

Ticket Portal

With more than 25 million tickets sold per year, ticketportal is one of the leading event ticket vendors in the country. Thanks to unblu you now get the same in person box office experience when selecting your tickets that otherwise you only get in an over the counter transaction. 


UBS innovates online banking since its invention. As one of our first clients, UBS pioneered online customer interaction through co-browsing within their online banking portal since 2009 (wow - that's a while ...)


Vontobel provides institutional clients with the ability to configure complex products online - thanks to unblu together in the same browser session. With unblu, advisor and client can make sure that costly mistakes caused by wrong online product configurations can be avoided and the client gets exactly what they wanted.


ZKB is the largest cantonal bank in Switzerland and uses unblu to support customers inside their online banking application. Thanks to unblu agents can see what clients see, reducing call times by 50% and raising customer satisfaction at the same time.


Swisscom offers a great customer self service portal  - where clients can perform most of the activities relevant to their account themselves. For the more complex tasks, unblu takes the frustration out of the customer support process, gives clients a second mouse pointer on their screen and leaves Swisscom with delighted customers. 


Did you ever want the convenience of an online shop with the personal advice and assistance from a real store? You should try Deerbergs' personal live assistance, where experienced sales agents take you through the Deerberg online shop visually assist you in making the right choices for tomorrows outfit. 


What is the key to a successful IT project? Good planning and excellent analysis of the status quo! Totalamber is using unblu to run key stakeholders through online questionnaires - taking the pain out of primary data capturing and gaining accurate insight to drive their projects to success.  


Azavista powers group travel management online. With unblu even complex trip and hotel configurations for the most demanding travel arrangements can be transparently explained  - as the agent can simply take the client through the browser screen and ensure the package meets expectations.


Filling out online forms is part and parcel of any insurance business - be it for new contract generation or case management. A consultant who goes through the forms together with you in the browser window will make all the difference - and that is what AON does. 


Getting a new mobile phone or a new subscription? Expect personal assistance in the online shop as if you were in a real shop? Then you should try out the online shop experience with co-browsing Orange provides to their prospects - what a great way to start a relationship.  


Delivering simple and effective online support for web applications, avoiding the complexity of screen sharing tools? Intelecom uses unblu to guide clients with questions about the best use of the respective application through the screens. No download and instantly available - ingredients for a great customer experience. 


Online assistance for an online world: Cognita provides market leading media monitoring services with blueReport, an online application which simplifies the lives of media and communication professionals. Thanks to unblu co-browsing, a personalized product demonstration become simple and effective - just like blueReport itself. 

KB Bank

KB Bank, a leading financial services institution in Central and Eastern Europe with headquarters in the Czech Republic, is renowned for its drive for innovation and customer excellence. Thanks to unblu co-browsing, customer support in KB's online banking underlines its market leadership. 

Direct Medica

Direct Medica is a leading service provider for the life science industry. It is conducting online trainings for patients and doctors, ensuring patient safety and compliance. With unblu co-browsing, Direct Medica found the perfect solution to conduct effective remote training and certification.  


Gone are the days of endless paper based communication with your health insurance. Now all your data, ongoing communication and contractual details are available in the Sanitas online Portal. And if you need help with any detail, an agent will be with co-browsing with you instantly. Consider service next time you consider health insurance.  


An online shop's biggest issue are mis-shipments and customer returns. Electronet24 now addresses this issue by offering unblu co-browsing to all of those customers who are not entirely sure which product or component to chose. The result: Happy customers, reduced returns, repeat visits. 


ENDLESS POOLS builds what the name suggests - the worlds finest pools built for endless swimming fun. ENDLESS POOLS uses unblu to support their distributors within their dealer portal. This ensures that whenever a dealer is not sure about the right configuration, an advisor can assist in making the right choices in no time. 

Think Mint

Think Mint produces and markets revolutionary soil-hydration fibre products, primarily marketed through an indirect distribution channel. Think Mint supports its B2B customers in the online ordering process of its products, ensuring the right products are shipped at the right time to the right destination.

Elektro Wandelt

Elektro Wandelt is the number one online trading platform for electrical outfitting in Germany. With over 80.000 parts in their online shop, Elektro Wandelt now offers personalised sales assistance for customers through co-browsing, ensuring every shipment contains the perfect product. 

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