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Unblu Spark: The art of authentic client relationships


In an advisory context, the quality of client relationships has a lasting impact on almost all performance metrics. Market knowledge and strategic insights are of course essential, but true value comes from the actual relationships.

But what makes a strong client relationship? McKinsey talks about “four axes of convergence,” highlighting the strength and breadth of a firm’s offering, approaches to client acquisition, etc.

It’s true that the organizational structure and strategic approach to attract and acquire new clients plays an initial role. These processes must be seamless and positive from the outset to first establish trust and secure goodwill. 

However, the moment the client enters the onboarding process, it enters a more personal sphere. The quality, ease, and frequency of individual advisor-client interactions are the defining factor in the strength of the relationship moving forward.

In other words, this is when the art of building authentic relationship building begins.

How Unblu Spark helps build relationships

The platform an advisor has access to matters. Our changing context means it’s increasingly rare for clients and advisors to sit down to meetings in person. Instead, they must rely on technology. 

Yet there’s only so much relationship building that an advisor can do over email. The bedrock of strong modern interactions must be built on a robust platform that allows advisors to enhance communication in multiple ways. This is what Unblu Spark is designed to do. 

With Unblu Spark, advisors and clients can quickly and easily exchange ideas, information, and documents. What’s more, they can do this while guaranteeing client authentication, data security, and regulatory compliance. 

Ensuring the conversation flows

Aside from being an insecure form of communication, email exchanges represent a stilted form of client interaction. There is little back-and-forth between the different parties meaning it remains a more formal channel.

To overcome this, many advisors have been turning to more convenient popular messaging platforms, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or similar. While this improves the client experience, it is not compliant with industry standards and we have been seeing an increase in regulatory crackdowns in recent years.

Instead, advisors need access to convenient messaging solutions that increase client-advisor interactions – while also being compliant. 

Unblu Spark’s Secure Messenger offers exactly this, allowing advisors to begin and maintain natural conversations with a secure messaging solution that’s tailored to their needs. What’s more, since it’s all connected to a single, secure platform, advisors can continue the conversation on the client’s preferred channel without missing context or worrying about compliance regulations. 

Don’t manage relationships – foster them

Secure Messenger doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It is part of an overarching digital engagement platform that includes a fully centralized Interaction Management Hub. By reducing stress and maximizing core activities, the hub provides advisors with the freedom to foster authentic relationships that become stronger over time.There are a number of ways that Unblu Spark’s Interaction Management Hub achieves this. 

There are a number of ways that Unblu Spark’s Interaction Management Hub achieves this. 

1. Providing context

The hub provides full client information at a glance, including the particular client segment, contact details, and previous client interactions. This means that advisors can always remain up to speed with what has happened in previous conversations.

2. Further defining clients

Beyond simply providing context, the label feature allows advisors to further sort and segment their clients to ensure that their interests are always kept in mind. For example, advisors can segment their clients based on criteria such as HNWI vs Mass Affluent or other relevant determiners.

3. Taking the initiative 

It is important to be proactive when building client relationships. With Unblu Spark, advisors can begin conversations with single individuals or broadcast the same message to many. By using the label feature to segment clients, it is possible to offer segment-focused product, service, or research updates to exactly the right people.

4. Bringing the right people in

While the advisor is the point of contact, they can often benefit from the help and insights of the team at large. Unblu Spark helps bridge the gap between the front and back office by bringing together the right teams in a unified conversation. This can be done either privately as a hidden participant or publicly, so the client can benefit directly from specific expertise.

5. Leveraging the AI Co-Pilot 

Leaps forward in Generative AI are having an effect on client capabilities. AI capabilities are no longer reserved only for a service context. The Co-Pilot feature is advanced enough that it can draw on the organization’s knowledge base to provide advisors with suggested responses or other time-saving prompts, regardless of the channel.

Emulating the in-person experience, remotely

Not all interactions are going to be occasional, asynchronous messages when the client is commuting or has a minute to themselves. There comes a point where there needs to be meaningful conversations that rely heavily on collaboration. 

What’s more, these times often come at the end of a lengthy process, with the client close to making an important decision, whether an investment opportunity or otherwise. These are, in short, key moments in the relationship and the advisor needs to be able to deliver an experience that exceeds expectations and is seamless at every point.

Side-by-side support at a distance

What tools are available to offer a closer collaborative experience between clients and advisors.

Video & Voice

Firstly, advisors need to be able to move from messages to Video & Voice calls at a moment’s notice, no matter the channel. Unblu allows you to do this, without ever breaking the conversation flow or requiring the client to download.

Authenticated area Co-Browsing

Advisors can also launch Embedded Co-Browsing sessions behind authenticated areas, such as the client’s wealth app or portal. This empowers the advisor to guide the client at all times, whether during the initial onboarding phase or offering ongoing support with their investment portfolio, or more. 

Document Collaboration

Throughout messaging conversations or during a Co-Browsing session, clients and advisors will often securely share documents or research through the channel. With Document Collaboration, the two parties can collaborate on any document type, including tools such as highlight, annotating, commenting, and more. 

Closing the deal

Finally, if all goes well, the advisor will need to secure that all-important signature from the client. With Unblu, advisors can leverage the in-built signature capabilities to get the client’s signature without navigating away from the document.

If you’d like to see firsthand how Unblu Spark can help your private bank or wealth management firm to foster closer, more authentic client relationships, reach out to us today.

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