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Unblu brings Unblu Spark to IBM Cloud for Financial Services


When it comes to IT strategy, risk management and ecosystem compatibility are vital for successful technology implementations in the Financial Services industry. Recognizing this, Unblu embarked on a journey with IBM Cloud for Financial Services – an industry-specific platform that aims to help reduce risk throughout the industry by addressing resiliency, performance, security and regulatory compliance obligations for financial institutions.

Unblu Spark is now available on IBM Cloud for Financial Services and can help financial institutions deliver better customer experiences through meaningful, digital interactions. By meeting the requirements of the IBM Cloud Framework for Financial Services, Unblu spark has been validated to be in alignment with IBM’s framework.

Leveraging IBM Cloud for Financial Services 

Many financial services organizations have complex ecosystems, drawing on the expertise and product offering of multiple SaaS applications. Each new provider that is contracted represents a potential weakness for the organization. 

In this context, IBM emerges as a key player. At the heart of IBM Cloud for Financial Services is the IBM Cloud Framework for Financial Services developed in collaboration with industry experts to help clients automate their security and compliance posture through security and controls built into the platform. The framework is designed to set a new standard for the compliance-conscious industry and aims to help clients address evolving rules, laws and regulations. The controls are industry-informed – established in collaboration with IBM’s Financial Services Cloud Council. The Council brings together the collective intelligence of CIOs, CTOs, CISOs and risk experts from financial institutions around the world.

IBM Cloud for Financial Services is designed to help financial institutions reduce the complexity of managing ISV and SaaS workloads while helping institutions demonstrate regulatory compliance more efficiently. The Framework operates with a shared-responsibility model across all parties that allow financial institutions to move to the cloud, helping address regulatory barriers that can impede modernization. Only ISVs and SaaS providers that have evidenced compliance with the Framework are eligible to deliver offerings with the IBM Cloud for Financial Services Validated designation.

Supported by a growing ecosystem of technology partners and fintechs, the industry-specific platform is designed to accelerate financial institutions’ digital transformations with a focus on trust and security at the forefront. The platform is powered by the same confidential computing security found in IBM z. Delivered via IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Crypto Services, it features ‘Keep Your Own Key’ encryption capabilities backed by high levels of security.

Unblu and IBM Cloud for Financial Services

As mentioned, the Unblu Spark platform is now on IBM Cloud for Financial Services. This aims to allow all banks and insurance firms leveraging IBM’s enterprise cloud platform for regulated industries to run Unblu while addressing security and compliance requirements.

Unblu can now leverage the industry’s highest levels of encryption certification, to help provide preventive and compensatory controls for financial services regulatory workloads, multi-architecture support, and proactive and automated security. 

Access to Unblu Spark for IBM clients

This marks another achievement in our journey to allow banks to have the flexibility to deploy Unblu’s capabilities in their preferred environment.  

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