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How to use Unblu for conversational customer support

Learn how to integrate conversational banking tools to elevate the quality of your customer service while reducing costs.
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Secure Text Messaging for Banking: How Does it Work?

Secure text messaging is a useful solution for banking activities such as mortgages advice, private banking or insurance. Read on to discover why.
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What is Secure Messaging?

Customers want to communicate with their bank the same way they communicate with their mom - by text. Secure Messenger takes the risk out of texting for banks.
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Re-inventing the Role of the Financial Advisor

Clients want to speak with their advisor on their own terms, offline and online. The client-manager relationship is evolving, and advisors need to be well-positioned to guide today’s well-informed…
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Secure Messenger: get in sync with your clients

With over one hundred clients in the private wealth banking space, unblu is a leader in providing secure and compliant support for the one to one relationship between a relationship advisor and their…
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