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9 chatbot trends that are transforming digital banking

Chatbot technology can transform the financial services industry – provided it’s leveraged properly. Here’s what we can learn from the trends.
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The role of chatbots in banking customer service

Chatbot technology has the potential to ease the workload of customer service advisors and also offer an efficient support system for bank customers.
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Why can't chatbots replace advisors in digital banking?

Unless these tools are integrated with those that allow for human-to-human conversation, they risk leaving customers alienated and frustrated.
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22 customer service statistics and trends in digital banking

Technology empowers financial services to deliver a more personalized and intuitive customer service. But are we doing enough to keep up with customer demands?
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How to use Unblu for conversational customer support

Learn how to integrate conversational banking tools to elevate the quality of your customer service while reducing costs.
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Chatbot use cases: what bots can do in insurance services

Insurers need to embrace a hybrid digital experience that merges self-service technology with human-operated digital channels.
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What are chatbots used for? 7 examples in everyday life

Chatbots are able to stimulate human conversation and interact with clients, guide them to the right information and answer queries.
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How do chatbots work in financial services

Chatbots can make customer service faster and offer a starting point for customers looking for financial advice on complex issues like mortgages or insurance.
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Chatbots vs live chat for customer service

While banks become more digital, customers still value to chat with a human agent. Opt for a hybrid experience by merging chatbot with a live chat solution.
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Chatbot statistics and trends in digital banking

Chatbots have a big role to play in the future helping financial services make customer service more efficient without entirely replacing human conversations.
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