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The role of chatbots in banking customer service

Chatbot technology has the potential to ease the workload of customer service advisors and also offer an efficient support system for bank customers.
Conversational Banking,Chatbots,Retail Banking

2023 trends that are transforming digital banking – and roadblocks to success

In 2023, digital banking trends are showing a move toward hybrid customer service experiences as banks strive to rebuild the trust that has fallen in recent years.
Conversational Banking,Customer Experience,Industry Trends,Retail Banking

Live chat: what is it and why it’s important in banking

Live Chat software enhances customer service with high-tech, building better relationships with your customers in a secure communication environment.
Conversational Banking,Customer Experience,Unblu Platform,Live Chat

11 customer service tips for banks and financial services

Technology combined with human expertise can help financial institutions deliver a world-class service that puts the customer first.
Conversational Banking,Customer Experience,Unblu Platform,Co-Browsing,Industry Trends

Is co-browsing safe? Here's what financial institutions should know

Unlike screen-sharing, co-browsing only shares the web or mobile application so the customer's data is never compromised.
Conversational Banking,Co-Browsing

How does co-browsing work? Explaining the digital tool for better online conversations

Co-browsing software, or collaborative browsing, allows bank agents to join customers in their browsing sessions in real-time.
Conversational Banking,Co-Browsing

What is co-browsing? Different types and use cases

Co-browsing is helping banks to improve their Customer Service, increase their Sales and promote their Customer Engagement.
Conversational Banking,Co-Browsing

The Top 5 Digital Tools for Financial Advisors

For firms, leveraging digital can lead to high-value relationships with clients. How? Here are the top 6 digital tools for financial advisors.
Private Banking,Conversational Banking,Unblu Platform

The Video Meeting Fallacy: Why video alone isn't enough

As the pandemic shook up every aspect of working life, the urgency of digital transformation rapidly accelerated.
Conversational Banking,Customer Experience,Video Banking

6 key features of future-ready private banking digital platforms

Digital innovation has rewritten the rules of client engagement. Here’s what digital private banking platforms can do to stay ahead of the curve.
Private Banking,Wealth Management,Conversational Banking

Why do you need an automated scheduling tool?

Seamless collaboration between Calenso and Unblu significantly increases the process of scheduling and execution of online meetings. But why do you need an automated scheduling tool like Calenso?
Conversational Banking,Digital Transformation,Insurance

How to create high-touch digital experiences for Credit Union members using co-browsing

How using Unblu’s co-browsing tool could create more productive conversations with credit union members and enhance the digital experience.
Conversational Banking,Unblu Platform,Co-Browsing
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