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Is co-browsing safe? Here's what financial institutions should know

Unlike screen-sharing, co-browsing only shares the web or mobile application so the customer's data is never compromised.
Conversational Banking,Co-Browsing

How does co-browsing work? Explaining the digital tool for better online conversations

Co-browsing software, or collaborative browsing, allows bank agents to join customers in their browsing sessions in real-time.
Conversational Banking,Co-Browsing

What is co-browsing? Different types and use cases

Co-browsing is helping banks to improve their Customer Service, increase their Sales and promote their Customer Engagement.
Conversational Banking,Co-Browsing

The Top 5 Digital Tools for Financial Advisors

For firms, leveraging digital can lead to high-value relationships with clients. How? Here are the top 6 digital tools for financial advisors.
Private Banking,Conversational Banking,Unblu Platform

The Video Meeting Fallacy: Why video alone isn't enough

As the pandemic shook up every aspect of working life, the urgency of digital transformation rapidly accelerated.
Conversational Banking,Customer Experience,Video Banking

6 key features of future-ready private banking digital platforms

Digital innovation has rewritten the rules of client engagement. Here’s what digital private banking platforms can do to stay ahead of the curve.
Private Banking,Wealth Management,Conversational Banking

Why do you need an automated scheduling tool?

Seamless collaboration between Calenso and Unblu significantly increases the process of scheduling and execution of online meetings. But why do you need an automated scheduling tool like Calenso?
Conversational Banking,Digital Transformation,Insurance

How to create high-touch digital experiences for Credit Union members using co-browsing

How using Unblu’s co-browsing tool could create more productive conversations with credit union members and enhance the digital experience.
Conversational Banking,Unblu Platform,Co-Browsing

How to use co-browsing to boost loan applications

Learn how to use co-browsing to build more meaningful and productive interactions with customers as you guide them through important financial decisions.
Conversational Banking,Unblu Platform,Co-Browsing

7 things to consider when choosing a video solution for financial advice

What criteria should financial institutions be using when choosing a video conference solution? This is a topic that we at Unblu are talking to customers and prospects about on a daily basis.
Conversational Banking,Video Banking

Why consumer video conferencing apps are not the solution for financial firms

Security is the highest priority in finance and services and solutions like the ones we use privately or for internal collaboration —while convenient—cannot be relied on to protect personal data.
Conversational Banking,Video Banking

Video meeting solutions during the COVID-19: Have they missed the true needs of customers?

Video chat has boomed in popularity with global lockdown. But embracing digital isn’t just about greater speed and efficiency. Equally important is the flexibility it entails, allowing banks to offer…
Conversational Banking,Customer Experience,Video Banking
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