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22 customer service statistics and trends in digital banking

Technology empowers financial services to deliver a more personalized and intuitive customer service. But are we doing enough to keep up with customer demands?
Customer Experience,Chatbots,Industry Trends

Swiss Post takes a leap forward by enabling clients to receive support via WhatsApp

Swiss Post has been working with Unblu to deploy a new means of client engagement and support. Acting as the main Swiss Post employee interface, Unblu enables diverse means of client engagement…
Customer Experience,Unblu Platform,Customer service

Unblu at the Building Societies Annual Conference 2022: Event round-up

As an exhibitor at the event, we were glad for the opportunity to meet representatives from building societies and other mutual financial institutions and discuss the current landscape and challenges…
Retail Banking

Why ‘multi-access’ is redefining insurance customer engagement

New models of insurance customer engagement are required for complex customer demands. Multi-access, hybrid approaches can match the pace of change.

Wealth firms should invest in hybrid CX to stay ahead of the curve

Unblu’s Wealth Management Outlook traces the emergence of a new industry landscape, finding that the rise of Millennial and Gen Z investors, digital assets and agile advisors are defining the…
Private Banking,Wealth Management,Industry Trends

Staying ahead of wealth management client experience in 2022

Digital has changed everything about wealth management client experience. Here are the forces shaping the wealth advisory market in 2022.
Wealth Management,Industry Trends

Is co-browsing safe? Here's what financial institutions should know

Unlike screen-sharing, co-browsing only shares the web or mobile application so the customer's data is never compromised.
Conversational Banking,Co-Browsing

How does co-browsing work? Explaining the digital tool for better online conversations

Co-browsing software, or collaborative browsing, allows bank agents to join customers in their browsing sessions in real-time.
Conversational Banking,Co-Browsing

The digital trends and tech disrupting the insurance industry

Digital transformation starts with knowing the tech, and knowing your audience. Here’s our roadmap of the digital trends in the insurance industry.
Customer Experience,Digital Transformation,Insurance

What is co-browsing? Different types and use cases

Co-browsing is helping banks to improve their Customer Service, increase their Sales and promote their Customer Engagement.
Conversational Banking,Co-Browsing

Fusing tech-powered CX with trust in financial services: Insights from the latest Unblu/FTAdviser webinar

As customer expectations continue to soar in financial services, it is digital disruptors who are leading the way.
Industry Trends

How can banks stay human as they go digital?

We now have endless ways to deliver convenience and efficiency—but how can banks ensure the human elements of customer relationships are not lost?
Customer Experience,Industry Trends
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