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Strephan_Hofstetter_ProjectManagement_unblu_webinar-w640-h640-thumbnail-1538107142Webinar with unblu’s Senior Consultant Stephan Hofstetter

Join unblu’s Senior Consultant Stephan Hofstetter as he explains the typical pitfalls and pain points of an implementation project, as well as the parameters of good planning.  Stephan has a wealth of experience, bringing together diverse stakeholders to plan and execute dozens of unblu’s successful implementations.

He begins by emphasising the importance of understanding the customer’s context from the very beginning. He describes some of the issues that may need to be addressed during the Integration, Configuration and Parametrisation phases, such as:

  • what are the parameters and constraints of both the internal users and the customers?
  • how can the business case be integrated into workflows?
  • how will departments interact and support another?
  • how will training occur?

The big hot spot to always consider is security. Stephan highlights the importance of detecting issues related to architecture and flow as early as possible. Security planning also has to take EU data protection laws into account as well as internal set-ups.

Stephan describes unblu’s Agile Water Fall Method for understanding stakeholder drivers and how it relates to the project’s business case. This method is an iterative process that melds together the technical specifications with business scoping.

Listen in to find out more tips from Stephan about good project planning and implementation.