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How does live chat work in financial services


Live chat should allow customers to find answers to their questions within seconds of visiting a website. But this isn’t always the case. When dealing with a chatbot, customers receive only generic pre-programmed responses that don’t answer their specific needs. They miss out on the reassurance and familiarity of person-to-person exchanges. Live chat handled by an agent, on the other hand, can provide an authentic human interaction as well as the efficiency of communicating via a digital platform.

Live chat has countless benefits for banking customer service. Firstly, live chat facilitates more efficient use of an agent’s time; they are assigned customers whose questions they can answer quickly, using their particular expertise. Canned responses and macros further increase the speed of answers, and agents can also juggle multiple conversations at once. Resolving problems faster leads to more qualified leads as well as overall improvements in customer service as clients can get answers whenever they need them – without having to come into branch.

How to use Unblu live chat to improve customer service

A visitor begins a conversation by making a live chat assistance request. The advisor then asks the visitor for information in order to better prioritize the request, sorting the high-value and more urgent requests from the others. The conversation is then assigned to active advisors so that workload between advisors can be managed efficiently, and visitors can receive prompt support.

The advisor is able to see what the customer has done so far. This visual context makes it easier for them to understand the specific problem. If the request is a common one, they can then use canned responses and macros to reply as quickly as possible. These automated answers are more efficient but still maintain that human touch.

With Unblu’s API (application programming interface) the agent can deliver all the necessary information for seamless day-to-day functioning during live chat sessions. API ensures connectivity between all data and different applications and devices that might be being used. This integration further improves the efficiency and performance of the entire system, creating a smooth and positive customer experience.

To enable visual troubleshooting, the agent or visitor can request to start a co-browsing session. The advisor can then see exactly what the customer sees and so can guide them through the process, offering a safety net at those points where a customer might otherwise drop off. Understanding the context, they can offer specific advice, solving issues faster, and accelerating the sales process.

The document sharing function means both visitor and advisor can upload documents to share with each other. Advisors can then view these complex documents alongside their customers, explaining things to them, pointing out key information, and even collaborating with them. Sharing such documents is done with the highest commitment to security and there is guaranteed protection for the customer’s data.

All chat sessions are archived. Statistics can then be drawn from this data and analyzed in order to understand any problems clients are experiencing during customer service sessions. Similarly, customers give satisfaction ratings. This feedback can also be used to enhance the overall service, while the archived sessions can also be used by visitors in the event of a claim.

Live chat and Unblu

A conversational interface like Unblu offers the perfect pivot between the efficiency and convenience of self-service, and the reassurance of a human interaction. Discover more about how to use technology to enhance your customer service experience and facilitate human connection by booking a demo through the product page.