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Ensuring a smooth digital migration

Crédit Agricole next bank identified potential areas of friction in their customer journey when planning to migrate to a new e-banking.

Co-Browsing: the ultimate guide

Secure & Profitable Online Engagement for the Financial Sector “Co-browsing technology is rarely used outside industries like financial services and telecoms, but it merits wider implementation. Application leaders supporting customer service should consider it a hidden gem for enabling differentiation and bridging the gap between human- and AI-driven interaction” (Gartner). Using co-browsing, banks can fill

Co-browsing implementation in the financial sector

Discover how one of the leading Swiss banks has implemented co-browsing for improving support and promoting transactions. We’ve helped more than 100 world leading banks and insurance companies to deliver an in-person experience online. Customer experience improvement is crucial for succeeding in the new financial scenario. Get inspired by this example.

Customer Experience: Battlefield for the Financial Industry

Traditional banks must rethink their go-to-market and customer strategies if they want to succeed in the online financial industry. In the following example, we demonstrate how co-browsing tools, used in the context of a collaborative customer interaction in a Wealth Management scenario, can help the financial industry to sell new and innovative products, remotely, to