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Author: Jens Rabe

Do AI financial advisors have a place in the future of advisory?

AI financial advisors are all the rage – but what are their limitations and how should wealth management firms respond?
Chatbots, Customer Experience, Digital Advisory

Unblu brings Unblu Spark to IBM Cloud for Financial Services

Unblu brings Unblu Spark to IBM Cloud for Financial Services; Helps Enterprises Deliver Meaningful Customer Conversations
Customer Experience, Digital Transformation

Digital receptions: The technology to unlock branch expansion

One thing is for certain – bank branches are changing. As in-person footfall declines and digital or hybrid experiences become the norm, banks are faced with a do-or-die dilemma. That is to say, do you invest in branch transformation or allow your branch network to slowly fade away? Most customers and the banks themselves would
Co-Browsing, Customer Experience, Digital Transformation, Retail Banking, Unblu Branch

2024 review: 6 trends transforming customer experience in digital banking

Digital banking trends are showing a move toward hybrid customer service experiences as banks strive to rebuild the trust that has fallen in recent years.
Conversational Banking, Customer Experience, Industry Trends, Retail Banking

Avoiding customer service fallout during an ebanking migration

Strong customer service will aid a successful ebanking migration project – and protect a bank’s reputation if something goes wrong.
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How should Swiss banks respond to the SBA’s “Memorandum of Understanding”?

With the SBA’s “Memorandum of Understanding” that promises to introduce multibanking to Switzerland, banks based in the country need to take action.
Retail Banking, Unblu Platform

Generative AI will take banking service chatbots to the next level

Chatbots have sometimes had mixed receptions from users. But can new advances in AI thanks to GPT change this and deliver the service customers want?
Chatbots, Live Chat

Secure messaging: The key to wealth management client engagement

Client engagement is one of the principal markers of success in a wealth management context. But how do you increase client-advisor contact?
Chatbots, Wealth Management

Why does secure messaging benefit banks?

Secure messaging is a safe and convenient solution for banking interactions that boosts trust and drives long-term loyalty.
Conversational Banking, Secure Messenger

Reinventing the role of the financial advisor (ft. real case)

Financial advisor client engagement is more difficult to achieve than ever before – requiring a complete rethink of the nature of the role.
Conversational Banking, Private Banking, Secure Messenger