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Author: Jens Rabe

2023 trends that are transforming digital banking – and roadblocks to success

In 2023, digital banking trends are showing a move toward hybrid customer service experiences as banks strive to rebuild the trust that has fallen in recent years.
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Secure messaging for banking: Why does it work?

Secure messaging is a safe and convenient solution for banking interactions that boosts trust and drives long-term loyalty.
Conversational Banking, Secure Messenger

Reinventing the role of the financial advisor (ft. real case)

Financial advisor client engagement is more difficult to achieve than ever before – requiring a complete rethink of the nature of the role.
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What is Secure Messaging – and what role does it play in private wealth? 

Secure text messaging eliminates risk and creates trust – while providing customers with extra convenience.
Conversational Banking, Private Banking, Secure Messenger

Benefits of Co-Browsing to improve customer service

Co-Browsing empowers financial services institutions to maximize their customer service potential – and boost profitability as a result.
Co-Browsing, Conversational Banking, Customer service

How Co-Browsing helps the investor – and the advisor

High-touch Co-Browsing software enhances the relationship between investors and advisors at every stage of the client journey.
Co-Browsing, Conversational Banking, Wealth Management

Is digital transformation within banks’ control?

Despite the undeniable need to innovate, some banks and financial institutions are still lagging behind. Is digital transformation within banks’ control?
Digital Transformation, Retail Banking

9 chatbot trends that are transforming digital banking

Chatbot technology can transform the financial services industry – provided it’s leveraged properly. Here’s what we can learn from the trends.
Chatbots, Industry Trends, Live Chat, Retail Banking

Live chat: what is it and why it’s important in banking

Live chat enhances customer service with powerful tech, building better relationships with your customers in a secure communication environment.
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How does co-browsing work? Explaining the digital tool for better online conversations

Co-browsing advances both efficiency and customer service by allowing banks to guide customer sessions in real time.
Co-Browsing, Conversational Banking