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11 tips for improving customer experience in insurance services

By putting the customer’s needs first, insurance companies can deliver an experience that keeps clients coming back. When customers feel that they are understood and being listened to, satisfaction rockets. This results in both improved customer loyalty and more referrals. But customer preferences are evolving. These days, customers want plans that are tailored to their particular experience. Insurers need to reconfigure the customer journey to meet these new demands. By ensuring they always put the customer at the heart of their strategy, insurance companies can keep up with changing expectations.

1. Train your team

The workplace is changing rapidly. Increased automation is just one example. Advisors need relevant training so that they feel equipped and supported.

As businesses develop in line with technological advances, there is a danger employees will feel left behind. This will affect the service they offer customers.

The solution? Provide adequate training for advisors so that they are able to use new digital tools with ease and confidence and can consistently deliver an exceptional customer service.

2. Deliver a positive experience

Insurers need to be able to adapt their service according to the individual customer and offer a personalized experience.

While younger customers especially will be happy with self-service digital tools, others might have more complex needs and require a hands-on high-touch approach.

Whoever the client is, offering a positive customer experience is paramount. In fact, one survey from McKinsey shows that service ranks higher than settlement amount for most customers. 

3.  Be agile

Insurance customer service needs to be flexible, adjusting to what each specific customer needs. And these needs could be diverse.

In repairable auto claims in the US, five different factors contributed to customer satisfaction, including employee courtesy and expertise, as well as the ease and speed of the process. 

Different customers want different things. But the one thing unites all these demands? The desire for a smooth and effortless journey.

4. Offer a streamlined journey

No customer wants to be handed around between advisors, waiting on hold to be transferred to someone else. They want a streamlined journey.

Instead of leaving customers waiting in a queue, digital tools make communication more efficient. A customer’s claim can all be handled by a single person.

A seamless online customer journey boosts customer satisfaction levels significantly, as well as yielding cost savings of 15% to 25%

5. Give a choice

To increase customer touchpoints and ensure each interaction is positive, insurers should use multiple different communication channels.

An omnichannel experience that incorporates diverse digital tools means the customer’s demands are met at each stage, from onboarding right through to the final claim.

In fact, 80% of customers are willing to use digital and remote channels - such as live chat or co-browsing - for different tasks and transactions

6. Strike a balance

In terms of choosing between traditional person-to-person conversation and digital self-service tools, it’s all about striking the right balance.

Customers want the reassurance of talking to a friendly advisor over the phone, but sometimes digital options like email and live chat are more convenient.

One potential solution? Chatbots. They can communicate with customers just like humans do, asking relevant questions, before transferring them to an advisor. They offer the perfect half-way house.

7. Make every interaction a moment of truth

Unlike banks, customers rarely interact with their insurers - and often do so in moments of high stress.

In fact, more than half of the people interviewed in one survey said they interacted with their insurers less than once a year

This makes it doubly important not only to increase the frequency of touch points but to ensure that all interactions leave customers with a positive perception of their insurer.

8. Face reality

The insurance industry is facing difficulties. Customers are frequently not happy with the service that they are receiving.

In fact, only 15% of customers say they are satisfied with their insurer’s digital experience. What’s going wrong?

There is a gap between what insurers believe they are delivering - and the reality.

Companies must observe the customer journey from their point of view to understand where the problem lies.

9. Learn to listen

How to improve customer satisfaction? Firstly, you need to identify what creates a positive customer journey, and translate this into concrete improvements in your service.

This means using customer insights and analytics to redesign journeys to make them more customer-centric, as well as incorporating diverse digital tools.

It’s worth investing the time and effort to achieve higher customer satisfaction because 92% of customers who feel respected will advocate for their insurance company

10. Sales or service?

Most insurance companies are more focused on transactions and sales than on delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Many operate according to standard business models that focus on products and processes rather than creating a meaningful and personalized customer journey.

By multiplying touchpoints and interactions through digital tools like co-browsing, live chat, and secure text messenger, insurers can enhance the customer journey - and consequently boost sales.

11. Embrace customer diversity

No one customer is the same. Insurers must embrace a diversity of customer needs with a service that can be personalized accordingly.

Customers want tailored policies. For example, why would they pay for a full premium if they are low risk and have never made a claim?

Insurers that put their customer first are those that offer a flexible service, modifying offerings to fit each customer and their unique demands.

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